New Products – Active Clearing

Dermalogica Active Clearing

Dermalogica has released new products to their Active Clearing range – Age Bright Clearing Serum and Age Bright Spot Fader.

Countering the key factors that lead to adult acne, Active Clearing fights against visible signs of premature skin ageing. The revolutionary product targets key factors that contribute to breakouts, uneven skin tone and post-breakout marks (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

Active Clearing’s 2-in-1 formulas combine to present a powerful ingredient technology, which leaves adult skin looking clearer and brighter than ever before.

Dermalogica’s Active Clearing works so effectively as it directly addresses the unique needs of adult breakout-prone skin, which tends to experience slow cell turnover, meaning slower healing times and increased sensitivity.

These two new Active Clearing products can be layered for maximum results or used separately to address a specific concern or problem area.

To find out more about these products talk to one of our team at your next appointment or pop into the salon.